Criminal Defense

People v. J.M.
Possession of a controlled substance
Motion to suppress evidence granted – Case dismissed.

People v. A.M.
Multiple counts of domestic violence as well restraining order violations.
All charges dismissed, restraining order terminated.

People v. P.D.
Multiple counts of domestic violence and assault and battery
case reduced to an infraction. No jail time.

People v. L.G.
Multiple counts of continued sexual abuse of a minor.
Facing a considerable prison sentence as well as life-time sex offender registration. All counts dismissed, reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time or registration requirements.

People v. J.G.
Multiple counts of attempted murder – reduced to simple assault.

Family Law

In re A.M.
Domestic Violence Restraining Orders requested by son’s mother.
Successfully defended, no orders issued. Ensuing family law case lead to a father being awarded full custody of a child with no visitation to opposing party.

In re L.G.
Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order filed by son’s mother.
Successfully defended, no orders issued. Granted full custody of child.

In re J.M.
Father granted full custody of child. No visitation to mother.

In re A.J.
Defended former domestic partner’s request for restraining orders.

People v. CT.
First degree murder conviction reversed.

People v. L.B.
12022.7 finding reversed.

People v. S.B.
Reducing sentence by 75 years to life.

People v. M.B.
Reversal of first degree burglary conviction.

A.S. v. Walker
Federal writ granted, connection reversal.

People v. Dott
Reversal of $10,000.00 restitution fine.

IN. v. B.T.
Found suitable for parole at initial hearing.

IN v. M.S.
Found Suitable for parole.

IN v. A.B.
Found Suitable for parole.

IN v. J.R.
Found suitable for parole.

People v. A.W.
Conviction for gang participation reversed for insufficient ericience.

People v. C.L.
2 counts of possession of child porn reversed.

People v. A.D.
Reversal of conviction for forcible lewd act / reversal of one strike sentence.

People v. I.A.
Reversal of street terrorism change for insufficient evidence.

People v. G.W.
Reversal of 288(a) conviction.

People v. K.R.
Reversal of arson conviction.

People v. G.M.
Petition for writ of of habeas corpus challenging Governor’s reversal of parole board findings granted.

People v. J.H.
Conditional reversal of murder conviction for Pitchess review.

People v. W.R.
Reversal of connection for ADW.

People v. L.N.
Reversal of drug program + laboratory fees.

People v. J.A.
Reversal of sentence on robbery conviction.

People v. A.V.
Reversal of grand theft conviction.

People v. I.O.
Reversal of sentence for assault with intent to commit rape.

People v. D.B.
Gang allegations reversal.

People v. C.M.
Reversal of complete sentence for abuse of discrimination.

People v. C.A.
Striking sentence on gang enhancement.

People v. J.M.
Petition for writ of habeas corpus challenging denial of people granted / client release.

People v. V.M.
Writ challenging denial of parole granted.

People v. J.V.
Petition for writ of habeas corpus challenging denial of parole granted / client reversal.

People v. R.B.
True finding on priors reversal and sentence reduced.
People v. D.M.
Imposition of attorney fees reversed.

People v. G.L.
Sentence of gang count reversal.

People v. J.S.
10 year sentence on going enhancement reversal.

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