Month: November 2016

Be Concerned With Proposition 63

Gun owners and aficionados should be aware and concerned with Proposition 63.  Proposition 63 demands background checks for ammunition purchases but more importantly, among other things, seeks to ban the ownership of large capacity magazines regardless of when they were obtained or purchased.  California has banned the sale of large capacity magazines since 2000, however, any individuals who obtained magazines before 2000 were allowed to keep them.  If passed, Proposition 63 would remove the ownership exemption for pre-2000 owners of large-capacity magazines. Individuals who do not comply with the measure would be charged with an infraction. 

Ballotpedia review of Proposition 63

Medical Marijuana Legislation

Medical Marijuana Legislation has undergone tremendous changes in recent years.  With the upcoming election, the possibility of recreational use may become a reality in our state. Meanwhile, Medical Marijuana use and distribution has become even more complex and confusing.  Corona & Peabody has been dedicated to guiding our clients through licensing and compliance and in the defense of those wrongly accused of use and transportation.  Although the law is moving towards clarification, few law enforcement agencies have the capacity, ability or willingness to properly administer the law.  We are here when you need us.  We know the law and stand by your cause.

Medical Marijuana Resources

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